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‘Star Trek: The Ultimate Voyage‘ concert comes to JAX in 2016
“Star Trek: The Ultimate Voyage” is a North American concert tour playing performing arts centers in more than 100 cities and Jacksonville’s Times-Union Center’s Moran Theater will be one of the hosts on January 23rd. CineConcerts (known for its …
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Like a cryptocurrency-based social network, Steemit, Props and Rize strive for a new ecosystem in which blockchains and tokens reward everyone whose contributions make the network worthwhile to visit. It is one of the many applications of blockchain, a technology that is best known for bitcoin, but is used in a wide range of applications, such as following prescribed drugs, tracing organic food and ensuring the legitimacy of elections .
ethereum classic price
Props payouts are based on a formula that evaluates how valuable your contribution is: a stream of thousands of viewers works on more Props than you can earn with a live video chat with friends in a virtual living room. You can convert Props to dollars, you can use them to send virtual gifts on Rize, or you can hold them if you think they are increasing in value.

For all those who traveled the first and business class know that the luxury and comfort is second to none. The service lets you refreshed and rejoiced after

long hours of international travel and no matter what you do, you can not get over the experience. With fine chocolates to fine china, you want to cherish

every moment that you spend fly business class. There is certainly more than one reason why your tickets should upgrade to business class.

First of all, be elite. If you travel a lot then this service will give you much more than you think to help. If you are not a frequent flyer, then

use your credit card to get bonus points for signing and purchase. You can always, of course, an upgrade of your miles. Be sure to check this option

available. This way you can buy a premium ticket with your miles and upgrade to a more expensive transport. Note that almost all airlines are now charging

a cash payment and upgrade your miles.

Some airlines also offer discounted upgrades for about 6 hours before the flight. Make sure you ask if you are willing to pay the price. This is certainly a

lot cheaper than buying the business class ticket itself. These last minute upgrades are available if there is space on the plane and no

guaranteed bet every time.
airfare deals kayak
Newsletters, such as the First Class Flyer help you stay on top of your game. The seats go on sale throughout the year and you can find discount flights

easy. You just have to know where to look. This way you can save huge on the first and business class tickets and get to enjoy the upgrade.

Thanks to the competition of local airlines, there have been noticeable drops airfares in the market.
Lookout for the weekend and the holiday season, these are the times that you should avoid traveling. This is when you find the business and first class seats

majorly booked and you will not be able to find a cheap upgrade for yourself. Be sure to avoid this season so fly, you have better chances of finding

you good deals.

Lookout for offers that award miles can buy. Buying miles is a lot cheaper than buying tickets and you can too many of them require for the same trip. It is also

wise to volunteer for an upgrade and are willing to give up your seat on a later flight if it does not interfere with your plans. With American Express

Platinum card, you can also rest in international lounges for free.


Cheap airlines, also known as no frills or low-fares airline carriers that offer cheap flights travel prices by selling most of

their on-board services, such as transport capacity, meals and chairs books. The low-cost carriers should not be confused with regular airlines that providing

seasonal discounted rates. Unlike the traditional airlines, these airlines offer constantly keep such low rates and low costs.

History Airlines Flights

Cheap flight airlines were started in 1971 by a US airline called Southwest Airlines. It spread to Europe and the airline is rapidly gaining root

among many travelers. In 1994, 3 million travelers chose to use the cheap flights and the statistics skyrocketed in the coming year. 1995 saw more than 17.5

million travelers from the regular airline flights to the low fare airlines in an attempt to get the cheapest flights. This trend has continued

characterize the aviation industry. Many main stream airlines have either shifted to the cheap fare flights business or franchises have opened to catch this

growing demand.
ba.com british airways

One example is British Airways that their low cost airline founded subsidiary called Go. KLM also started a franchise low fare

flights called Buzz. However, Buzz was bought by Ryanair and easyJet Continue recognized losses to the former ownership of airlines from these cheap flights

subsidiaries. Today, easyJet and Ryanair are the most successful low fares flight companies operating in Europe. With the economic recession and the hard

hit the airline industry analysts predict that the trend of cheap fare flights will continue to grow in the future. They project that low rates

flights will also be the long-distance routes currently dominated by major scheduled airlines.

How to manage their costs Cheap flights

The low cost airlines are able to find the cheapest flights for different reasons. These companies will especially landing at airports that are smaller and have

cheaper costs for landing and parking. They also sell their tickets directly, without third-party agents and thereby reduce dependence on commission

costs. The planes also minimizing their personnel on board served by having meals or meals in cash. No food means lower costs for cleaning and food storage

costs. The planes tend to have little or no entertainment and thereby reducing cost. Because they usually have the cheapest flights, the

flights are usually full and limit them to the loading and unloading time at the airports. These aircraft to illuminate one travel class on the administration

costs and companies use to reduce new aircraft maintenance costs.

How to get the cheapest flights for your trip

Even with the low cost airlines, you can make your trip mange to time to lower the best deals and then continue on your travel expenses. Reservation Road

in advance, at least two weeks prior to reduce your journey in most cases charged on your tariff. Airlines will increase their rates as the general

date of travel nears. Because there are no middlemen with these carriers, all you have to do is go to the airlines website and book the ticket and pay

via credit card. You can also book and pay by calling their call centers. The cheapest flights are usually on weekdays between Monday and Thursday. Weekend

rates are usually higher when demand is high. You should also try and the very early morning and late night flights in books like these flights

reduced demand and therefore lower rates. When booking and comparing prices, you must take into account the tax on the tickets. Some cheap flights

airlines will have indicated the rates inclusive of taxes, while others include all taxes.


A single day, or in some cases just hours, all that is needed for the prices of airline tickets to fluctuate. What this means is that if you spend a lot

time to decide on a single flight or the next, the price of changing the flight or the flight itself can not even be available when you try to books.

Now on the other hand, you may be able to get very cheap by waiting to call, but the chances are better that you may miss your flight or will prices


There are a few tricks, however, that you can use to find some very cheap ones there. The only warning I will say before they get into this tactic

is to keep this to yourself … Otherwise your friends and family can start with this and let all the secrets out of the bag! Pretty soon everyone will

know how to get the cheapest airfare …

Now, the first thing you need to do is look for tickets early. And by “early”, I do not talk for a week or two in advance. You’d

start the search for at least one month, and in some cases (or, depending on where you are going) you may even want to start earlier.

Keep in mind: you just look around at this point; you’re not actually buy a ticket. You want to seek out this far in advance

because you want an estimated margin at which prices tickets. This will allow you to keep track of their actual prices fluctuate as you approach

your travel date.

You will definitely see the potential to increase or decrease prices. This is partly due to three factors: demand, competition, and the inventory.

If more people start at a particular flight that indicates the airline that particular flight can be booked in demand, so they feed their

prices. On the other hand, if a flight is not selling, the airline will usually drop the price to try to sell more. This is a way to

easily pick up very cheap.

Competition plays a major role in these price fluctuations do. Let’s say for example that the popular Northwest Airline decided to offer a 10% discount on

airfare, making it a huge advantage. Well, you can bet that it would not be long before United Airlines and other big players begin offering similar

promotions, removing the Northwest would benefit. This will lead to price increases or decreases as well.

The moral of the story is that if you want to find very cheap flights, you should give yourself up to date on the latest trends or promotions to keep this airline


Next, and this is a pretty big: Do not give you specific dates when you call airlines flights. You’re saying that you schedule

flexible and you are simply looking for the lowest prices for your destination.

If you are considering going on a vacation or personal trip (alone or with the family), then the data would not matter as much as the price of the ticket.

Trust me- it’s much easier to change your travel date than it is to keep buying expensive airline tickets.


what to ask before you book a cruise
More and more people forgo vacations because they think they can not afford. With the price of everything going on these days, the only hope

traveling anywhere this spring is if you can get cheap tickets. Although this seems like an impossibility, following these five simple travel tips can help

find cheap flights this spring and get yourself on the destination of your choice.

1) look for cheap flights

Keep looking until you find pay the price that you are prepared. There are many places to look for and find cheap flights and you do not have to book the first

flight you can find. Even if you think you’ve got the best price, keep looking, because it is possible that there are still lower priced flights there.

There is not much time to shop around online and the advantage is cheap airfares, it is well worth every effort you put in the effort. Ask friends where they

bought flights in the past; they may be able to refer you to a company that specializes in cheap flights.

2) Book your Flight Early / Book your flight at the Last Minute
jet blue
There are windows of opportunity where you can get the lowest price tickets, either when you book your flight early, or when you book your flight at the last

minute. Travelers who book in advance can get great deals, because the airline still has a lot of open places available. The price of airfare increases

more passengers book their seats. Last minute seats are lower because the airline wants to sell every seat priced at the plane, so the prices are reduced

close to the travel date if there are no empty seats left. However, the risk you run if you wait until the last minute no seating is available, but if you

be flexible with your date or a last minute flight departure may just get you a cheap flight.

3) Look for flights on different days of the week
spirit airlines home page
For some reason, airlines seem their prices change frequently. If you have time to shop around, look for flights on different days of the week. While

there is no doubt the day that flights are the lowest, some people think that flights are cheaper in the middle of the week. There is no proof, but there

is proof that flight prices change almost daily. A flight to Florida on Tuesday would cost less if you look back on Thursday. There are many reasons why

airline prices fluctuate, it could be booking cancellations, booking trends were not met, airlines are trying to meet a certain quota, etc. It does not matter

really matter, except that you should know that prices change all the time.

4) Be flexible with your itinerary
fly porter
If you can travel on any day within a range of data, it is likely that you get a better deal than having a very specific time and a specific date. If your

original departure date is a Friday, but you can leave Thursday instead, you can save a lot of money and it is only a difference of one day. Also flexible

with departure and arrival cities. Some cities have smaller airports and you may find a cheap flights to just a larger city short

distance. If it saves you a decent amount of money is worth it to make the change. Consider open to other arrival and departure

airports and you can open yourself to save money. Keep in mind airport parking rates are often more at the larger airports, so if you have to drive your

place of departure and leave your car while you travel, make sure you consider the costs related to the savings of the flight.

5) Consider Vacation
all-inclusive packages
Usually when you travel you flight, hotel, and car rental needs. These packages are made with cheap flights, cheap hotels and discounts on rent

auto. This is a great way to get the flight you need at the price you want. Holiday Packages do not necessarily need to include everything. Often

you can mix and match what you need and create a package specifically designed to your needs. If you went and priced everything you need for

your trip, you should get a higher price than the package price. Take a look at the vacation packages and surprised with what you might find.

It is not too late to find cheap flights this spring. Following these simple tips will ensure that you find a flight at the price you want. Lake

time you spend searching for a flight, the more likely it is that the price is lower than the first time you watched. As long as you do not get

discouraged by the price with your initial search and then stop searching, you are able to get a low cost flight you will be able to find your destination,

No matter where it is.


One of the main problems, if you are looking for ways to get cheap flights online or through an agent nowadays is that the global economy as they are,

chances are you will not find the cost as cheap as you can just be used to a few years ago.
prices for airline tickets
The prices can be influenced by anything from the weather to the price of oil, but there are still ways and means when it comes to finding a bargain flights as

You foraging hard enough.

Here are my top five tips.

1) Find a flight comparison site

One of the best ways of research flights is to use a reliable flight comparison site. This is always a good idea, if for no other reason than you

a solid idea of ??the nature of the prices of flights to a certain destination goes.
site travelocity
2) Choose a cost-effective date to fly

Sometimes you have no choice about which date to fly. Perhaps you are attending a wedding, or are limited by the work.

However, if you do have a degree of flexibility, try to avoid weekends and times when the children out of school is a great thing to consider when

how to get cheap flights arises. Prices are generally more expensive at peak times. The whole issue can begin and end, depending on if you are able

in order to obtain a flight only a day or two outside of this peak window.

3) Consider indirect flights

Stopovers are rarely the most useful animals when taking a flight. However, if you are looking to find cheap flights, there are great savings to be made if

you look at the possibility of non-direct flights. Often, the waiting time between connecting flights is little more than an hour or so. For the savings you can

make, a chance to move the legs to stretch is not always a bad option, and as a means of how to get cheap, it can be a solution.

4) Beware of hidden extras.

Low-cost airlines are a natural lure in finding cheap flights, and with good reason. There are some really doing incredibly good bargain

with low-cost airlines and providing you’re just happy to have taken care of your basic needs, they are a good option when looking at how to get cheap


However, while many deals may seem extraordinary to paper, as with most things in life, the “too good to be true” adage invariably comes into play. Cheque

the fine print before you on all important buttons. Taxes, baggage fees and other hidden costs can quickly push the price up, and suddenly the

demand will be less about how to get cheap flights and more about how to get rid of an overdraft.

5) Look for night flights
book united airlines tickets
Of course, night flights are not the most popular, but for that reason, nor are they often the most expensive. So, ask yourself if you can handle flying

at a somewhat inconvenient moment if it means saving on the cost of the flight. If you compare the prices, and you’re on a budget, often you’ll

you can conclude.

If there are holidays and the people they want to bring beautiful, then it is best to use low-cost packages. Flights packages offered by airlines

for the promotion of their flights to a particular place. That means they offer cheap rates and some impeccable quality of service on the flights

worth trying.
official allegiant site
Some cheap packages include accommodation, travel and some other services in the same package. That is very easier for customers as it

only have to pay for the package and they can enjoy the luxury and comfort of the package vendor. This saves the hassle on the part of the customer

because the customer does not need to book things separately after which makes use of a packet.

One of the problems with packages is that they are usually inexpensive off seasons. Airlines offer cheap flights packages to places like the season is off and they

additional cost if the season is for a particular place. There is no harm in visiting a place, even if the season is off because many places are suitable

for travel all year round and there is just more fun when it’s season.

A vigilant person can try to get a cheaper package for a flight even get to a place that has on the season. That a person should look for different

packages offered by different airlines. This search can be made via internet, because everything is available over the internet these days. In

comparison of a site can be selected for traveling the most preferred one with the best days of travel.

Some airlines offer cheap packages if they flee to a new destination, which was not there to propose their list. Such types of packages

are ideal because the best services are offered by airlines and the destination is mostly suitable for visitors. It’s like enjoying things as they

have recently been introduced and things expensive as time goes on.

There are a number of independent suppliers which also offer cheap packages on time. They book the hotels, they pay for rent a car companies and

buy tickets in bulk from the airlines for a particular destination. They do everything to catch and earning some income by providing new customers

quality service to customers. Availing of this type of packages is also well most of the time.


The great city of Atlanta
official site for frontier
Atlanta is the mysterious and seductive city of the South with more than 4 million inhabitants. It is a growing tourist destination that attracts preference

millions of tourists every year.

There’s plenty of excitement in Atlanta that his name “Hot Lanta” earns besides the weather. Atlanta offers numerous tourist attractions, Georgia Aquarium,

Centennial Olympic Park and the Atlanta Zoo impressive that Mei Lan, home to the giant panda.

With the rich history background of civil rights, Atlanta’s Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthplace, where this famous civil rights leader put Atlanta on the

world front with his vision and determination for change. There are numerous historical sites exuding African-American culture, tradition and history

can rekindle your passion for history lessons again.

One way to do this is on cheap flights to Atlanta and get the head down.

Best time to visit Atlanta

Atlanta is hot, not only because of its historical wealth, but also for its warm weather. Summer in Atlanta is very humid and hot; So many people can not

from the heat will not go to Atlanta. But this is the best opportunity to get flights to Atlanta; If you love the sun and the historical wealth, Atlanta

the place to go for the summer.
official continental site
A summer visit to Atlanta will give you great savings if you’re on a tight budget. Cheap flights to Atlanta in abundance of all cities with a great hotel deals

the peak tourist seasons are fall and spring due to cooler weather.

You’ll be able to get cheap flights easily fly directly to Atlanta.

Alternative flights to Atlanta

However, if you prefer a spring or autumn visit, you can still get some cheap flights to Atlanta by considering an alternative destination airport which is

further away, such as Birmingham or Chattanooga. Then, self drive to Atlanta to enjoy a rental car to the highway experience.

If you do not rush your visit, which is a good option to consider.

But with the fierce competition between the aviation sector, cheap flights to Atlanta and many cities are available to benefit the public. Hence, you can

source on the Internet for the best airline offering that represents the best of the cheap flights to Atlanta.
official delta airlines
Flights to Atlanta can be as low as under $ 400 from Albuquerque or just over $ 500 from Winnipeg. So, no matter where you are, heading to

Atlanta is not a problem today with these great offers cheap flights to Atlanta.


Cheap flights come as part of financial management and are therefore of great importance. Cheap flights to Minneapolis have therefore become a favorite for

many people and almost everyone is looking for the flights which can help manage travel expenses as well.
official site

Mast minute deals are usually made available

as a way of filling all empty seat before departure and are therefore at very good prices. There are five simple ways you can find it cheap

flight to Minneapolis.

Go for cheap packages
trivago hotels

Airlines are working hand in hand with other travel service providers to develop amazing packages for passengers. Most packages come including the many

services you need during your trip to Minneapolis and are therefore advantageous compared with having to book for the services separately. By

look at the packages, one could think that they are a bit expensive, but about figuring out what you need to part with books for other services,

packages are definitely worth it.

Books with Low Cost Airlines

The other good option is to choose to fly with the help of cheap airlines when flying to Minneapolis meaning that you never have a good airline offering will miss

the great prices and still with a very good service during the flight. Most people are afraid of the low budget flights as most have a reputation for poor service

but going by what is on offer to provide a low budget flight, which is convenient and rewarding.

Go for last minute deals

While it is always advisable to book early for your flight, there are times when months of last minute booking you can do a lot of good.

Mast minute deals

normally made available as a way to fill any empty seat before departure and therefore at very good prices.

Compare airfares

In order to secure cheap flights to Minneapolis, you should always make a point of comparison between the available flights. Several airlines and travel agencies

offer different rates depending on the competition on the ground and you will therefore find something you can work.
southwest airlines flights
Book early for your flight

Early booking is very helpful, especially during the busy season in Minneapolis. You certainly can not rely on last minute deals during such seasons

as it is very possible that a sufficient flight passengers are missing. The only way to create even all of your reservations early as a way to enjoy

good rates before they shot as a result of the increase in the number of passengers.


airlines continental
There are certain booking tips associated with cheap flights. You must follow this booking tips to get the maximum benefit of getting

scheme. If you do not follow the booking tips, then it is unlikely that you will get maximum benefits. There is no guarantee that you will get the cheapest flights.

Instead, you should do the search with this purpose in mind. If you can manage to secure the right services, which would be in your favor. At the same

time you have to recognize the fact that a large number of temporary services.

Make sure you book cheap flights from a reputable company

There are many charlatans on the internet that claim to sell cheap. You should be wary of these elements. In the guide you will find

that the approved agents are clearly marked. This should be the first place you are looking for. Do not go for companies with a bad reputation, even

if they claim to be the cheapest services. The savings you would have made could be wiped out by the inconvenience of the process.

Two single tickets are cheaper than a return ticket

It is better to have two single tickets or a return ticket on the cheap. The single tickets can be individually negotiated and they are cheap.

At the other end of the return ticket is set in stone. You just need to find ways of working around it. Unfortunately, the schedule you follow on

the time might not be conducive to all these changes you have in mind. That’s the risk you have to take in these circumstances.

Use the Internet to book cheap flights

The online market is one of the best bets you have in terms of making sure that you can get the cheapest flights. There are price comparison websites

very useful for a variety of clients. Be sure to take this opportunity to maximize the benefits of the deal. On the other hand you should

careful when surfing the net. There are too many websites that provide excellent service for users.

Make sure you book early enough

Early bookings are more often than not associated with cheap flights. They give the aircraft company the opportunity to create schedules based on real figures. The

it is then possible for you to have a model where you can change the dynamics develop from time to time. With the help of this method can be a very important

consideration in the long term. It can make all the difference to the way in which you to promote the product in the long term, but it will also be beneficial for the to

customers who are looking for cheap flights. The Internet is the place where all the relevant comparisons can be made.

Make no changes to the route

You can lose the benefits of the cheap if you make changes to the route. In fact you can end up paying the full price of the product.

That is
why you should be very careful about the decisions you make out to be. It is preferable to compromise on these aspects are not to wait until all the changes

take place. You also need to be consistent in the way that you is to promote the product. It is through these measures that the cheap flights will be contacted.

You will end up with a nice family holiday.


Here’s a quick tip: winter is usually the best time to find cheap flights, except just before Christmas and Thanksgiving. As

you’re looking to get away, you should look at the holiday dates in the winter months.

Another way you can save money on your airline tickets is to apply for off-peak schedules.

Everyone wants to get home at reasonable times and thus the later flights, midnight or later, are usually very cheap. Even flights around 2:00 will be cheaper.

We have almost half the price of a normal morning flights or flights in the early afternoon.

Discounts may be great, but make sure you ask around before buying very cheap, since most of them come with certain restrictions. In most cases, the

actual discounts only work for you under certain conditions. These limitations are usually easy to adhere to all; it is normal conditions such as how

must buy your ticket in advance or make a reservation.

If a condition is that you buy your tickets in advance, it just means you need to buy your ticket in advance between one and three weeks.

This will, however, guarantee you the discount seats. As for the Saturday reservation, the reason why it is usually cheaper because it is on a Saturday

would mean an excursion trip instead of a business, the more expensive counterpart.

The best thing to do is to read and stay on the current discounts, so hopefully you can use them to your advantage. And make sure to get roundtrip airfare;

you can save a few dollars by booking a return flight with the same airline.

Now this next strategy is not for everyone, but if you’re a senior or just in the older crowd, you need to make well-known your age. Some airlines

companies offer senior discounts exclusive, which is something you qualify for when you’re older.

Another type of discount for students. There is a program called Student Advantage, you can check if you are a student.

If you’re in a pinch and just want to save some money, it is best to look at the smaller airlines for very cheap.

Last but not least, when you buy your tickets you must make sure that you use them at the agreed time. You’ll rack up some pretty severe penalties

cancel flights begin or rescheduling them. When it comes to that, then you can get all the money you saved kiss to use your ticket and instead of goodbye

the penalties.

As the largest of all travel sites focus on internet based on the World Wide Web. To enable the user-friendly design and navigation as those who are not so internet savvy to book a flight with no hassle at all. First time visitors to the site will never get lost with the simple and spontaneous navigation links as well as the clearly laid out discounted travel package left and flight and hotel information available. Because navigation and clearly labeled, website visitors will never have to guess where the link will take them. Further more, the weekends are always accessible website so that people update will have a problem about getting the whole time. The page loading speed is ook pretty fast and it works great for people who can not afford to waste their time.
expedia flights
In addition to offering the best and the cheapest deals in town, book a flight online comes through Expedia with a number of useful benefits.

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Bon Voyage: US Navy's Futuristic Destroyer Sails Out to Sea
The U.S. Navy's giant new warship finally sailed out to sea this week to complete its first-ever round of tests and trials in the Atlantic Ocean. On Monday (Dec. 7), the 610-foot-long (186 meters) destroyer, the USS Zumwalt, made its way from the Bath …
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Parfums de Voyage by L'Objet
“Scent is our strongest memory,” muses Elad Yifrach, the mastermind behind L'Objet, the stunning luxury-home-décor collection. Ten years later, Yifrach has created the perfect addition to his collection. Inspired by his own memories and travels, his …
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Bon voyage to 'inspirational' Lindfield woman as she prepares to set sail
Judi Kenna lost her husband last year but has stayed positive and is an inspiration to others, pictured here with her mother Brenda. Pic Steve Robards SR1529023 SUS-151221-191112001. 09:00 Wednesday 23 December 2015. 0. Have your say …
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Pirates Voyage delivers food bank's largest donation

Pirates Voyage delivers food bank's largest donation
MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – The Lowcountry Food Bank in Myrtle Beach has received its largest donation of the year. On Thursday, the Pirates Voyage show delivered 32,500 pounds of food to the food bank. ” Pirates Voyage collected the donations over …
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Sea Craft Voyage Data Systems Vulnerable To Tampering, Spying
The researcher who has discovered security weaknesses in satellite communications is now uncovering vulnerabilities in voyage data recorder systems (VDRs) used by cargo ships, cruise ships, and other sea craft. Remote, unauthenticated attackers might …
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Santa Claus Prepares For His 2015 Christmas Voyage!

Santa Claus Prepares For His 2015 Christmas Voyage!
Rovaniemi, Finland (APTN/ NBC News Channel) – The man considered by many to be the "real" Santa Claus is busy making final preparations before heading off on his annual, globe-trotting, gift-giving Christmas trip. Over half a million of letters from …
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Canadian laser system begins long voyage to explore asteroid
The integration of OLA into the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft marks a milestone in what has at times seemed a harrowing voyage through the vagaries of Canada's cash-strapped space program. “There were many times when the challenges looked insurmountable …
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Yahoo Ranks the Best Places to Cruise Right Now
Experience a slice of history as you cross the Atlantic on the Disney Magic or any of these other great transatlantic voyages. (Photo: Matt Stroshane/Disney). It used to be that cruising the Atlantic was the only way to actually get across it. You can …
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